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I've never been to Europe and if you haven't either than you're in for a treat!!!! I also vlogged my whole Quebec experience so if you aren't a reader then head over to my vlogs to see what we got up to!

VLOG #1 / VLOG #2

Mikk planned a get away trip for our anniversary to go to the beautiful little city of Québec. As most of you guys know and if you read my blogs then you'll know that Mikk & I are located in Toronto, so for us to travel to Québec City it was a nine hour drive or a one hour and thirty minute flight (of course Mikk decided to drive), which I am always down for over flying because you get to travel through other cities, see the beautiful scenery and cute little animals in the paddocks along the way.

Along the way I was trying to learn as much French as I could (for people who don't know much about Canada, the French Colony founded Canada, so therefore their second language is French. However in Québec city, French is their FIRST language!!!) but the only words that I knew were going to be crucial was I AM VEGAN (je suis végétalien) I'd like to say that I nailed it and I was ready for Québec.

As we arrived in Québec City I was surprised at how old the city was along with how much history was behind it. I was really intrigued and couldn't wait to learn more about the city and it's roots.

Mikk goes above and beyond as always, so we stayed at the most beautiful hotel there is called Fairmont Le Château Frontenac and is one of the very first hotel's in Québec City that recently turned one hundred and twenty-five this April. Not only that we stayed in The Hitchcock Suite, which is one of the iconic suites along with suites dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II, Pierre Elliot and Céline Dion.

Here's a little info about the room...

"In 1953, while filming I confess with Montgomery Clift and Anne Baxter, Alfred Hitchcock stayed at Château Frontenac . It is to honour the great filmmaker that Fairmont has named one of its most unique rooms after him.

To access the room, take the elevator in the old part of the Castle and then take a small winding staircase. The suite occupies the entire top floor (attic) of the north-east tower of the Castle. It consists of a huge living room in half-moon, a bathroom with shower and podium bath and a large bedroom with king bed .

On the walls, we see posters of the film and photos of Alfred Hitchcock at the launch of his work. On a table, an old typewriter model and some books by the famous director. Everything to immerse yourself in the world of the famous director suspense."

This heritage urban resort will seduce you with its breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River and the architecture of the Old fortified City, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you want to see more of the room then click here to watch my vlog.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

I could be here all day writing about the incredible things we did, but I'm going to try and keep it short and sweet Here are the best activities to do along with my favourite restaurants we went too! The Fairmont were pretty amazing and have a list of restaurants that have vegan and vegetarian options, I guess I didn't need to learn french after all. Not to mention there's still a canon ball in a tree... HOW COOL IS IT!!!


Le Billig - Looking for a place that does crepes? Look no further, Le Billig is known for the BEST crepes in Quebec City (YES, they have vegan ones too). The atmosphere of the cafe/restaurant reminds me of a pub and if I were you I would try and get a seat near the window so you can admire the beautiful streets of Quebec!

Bistro Le Sam Évolutif - This was the first place we ate at after our long nine hour drive. This restaurant is located in The Fairmont Hotel and sits across the board walk looking out to St. Lawerence River! There wasn't too much food on the menu, but nothing that I Vegan can't figure out! I was lucky enough that their french onion soup was Vegan! We really rate the food and atmosphere here and you should definitely check it out!

Louca - I am so obsessed with this ALL VEGAN cafe! It's more of a grab and go kind of place, but you can also order your food and sit in. Not only do they have sweets and savoury like foods, they have cleaning products, shampoo, toothpaste and snacks. Bring your own container (reuse) and off you go with putting how much of the product you need in your container. I loved how ethical everything is and thought out in this cafe with reusing and charging extra for a - to go container. Not to mention the food was great also, this plant based cafe will fulfil everyone's needs!

Restaurant Parmesan - Sounds a little odd having Italian food in a French city right? Well you thought wrong. I have grown up with Italian food my whole life, half of that coming from my Maltese roots, along with having a best friend who is Italian. Restaurant Parmesan was my favourite Restaurant from the whole trip and had the best pasta I have ever had in my 23 years of existence. The restaurant was like little Italy on the inside with a man playing Italian tunes on his accordion, along with divine cocktails and a candle lit dinner. If you go there be sure to get a strawberry daiquiri - I promise you, you won't regret it! Even Mikk loved it ;)

Bello Ristorante - I guess this Ristorante is a beautiful man with a name like Bello. This restaurant was a last minute pick as we didn't make the Vegan restaurant Le Soixante 5 in Levis. In saying that the only thing on the menu for me here was Pizza or a salad, so I thought I'd give the Pizza a go and it was AMAZING - the pizza dough was so fluffy and beautiful, not to mention how gorgeous the restaurant is inside.

La Buche - Visit La Buche for a very European experience with a bell that even rings when you walk in, as well as brunch every day until 3pm. It was a little harder for me to eat here being Vegan (but nothing that a vegan can't fix about that) It's true guys we can eat at all restaurants FYI, we will find a way don't worry!! I had a beautiful salad with home fries, a fruit smoothie and some toast. Not to mention the abandoned, graffiti looking bathroom down stairs that i couldn't help but photograph!


Wander Through The Plains of Abraham

This was probably my favourite thing to do in Québec because this is where it all started, where the Battle of Quebec took place on the 13th of September back in 1759, which was fought by the British Army and Navy against the French Army. Amazing to think that a war that involved so much blood, sweat and tears was fought on the ground we were walking on 259 years ago. Many years later in 1908, The Plains of Abraham was established as a park and is now used by 4 million visitors and tourists annually for sports, relaxation, outdoor concerts, and festivals.

Admire The Natural Beauty Of The Montmorency Falls

The falls was really cool to see up close and in person. So powerful, yet peaceful. There's three look outs for the falls - Bridge (that crosses above the falls, to the left & the right) it's a must see. I even saw the end of a rainbow... unfortunately there was no gold.

Get Lost In The Beautiful Streets Of Quartier Petit Champlain & Vieux-Port/Old Port

When you go to Quebec it's a must to go and visit old Quebec. Get the cable car (Funicular -lift) from out of the front of Le Château Frontenac to get to old Québec. There are many gift shops, cafes and restaurants along with more old buildings, canons and a closer look at the St. Lawerence River.

Funicular Lift

This old cable-car ride connects the Terrasse Dufferin with Lower Town (Old Quebec). The funicular opened on November 17, 1879, and originally used the water ballast system of propulsion. It reopened in 1998 after a fatal death accident in 1996. The lift is now safe and running and costs $3 a ride.


We didn't make the ferry across to Lévis, but if you travel to Québec City then make sure YOU DO. To view Québec City in a whole new perspective, take a ferry on St. Lawerence River in Old Quebec, it's magical at night and not to mention there's another All Vegan Restaurant on that side too it's called Le Soixante 5. Each way only takes 12 minutes and will cost you just under $8 CAD roundtrip.  For more information including schedules, fares and more, click here.

Get Historic At The Fort Museum

We also didn't get to see the museum as it wasn't opening until summer, but 1000% go so you can even learn more about the history of Quebec.

Walk Along The Ancient Fort

Walk on top of the Fort, lay on the grass and have a picnic there, it really is such an incredible site and knowing that French people hundred's of years ago, built it with their bare hand

Quebec City was founded by the French explorer and navigator Samuel de Champlain in 1608, commencing a string of French colonies along the St. Lawrence River, creating a region named "le Canada".

All round Québec City is gorgeous and if you ever get the chance to go then you should. It was so amazing finding out the history of the city and walking along The Fort that was built back in 1666 by the soldiers of The Carignan-Salières Regiment (French Military).

Peace and Love Always,


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